I don’t minds adverts in a newspaper. I don’t mind adverts between TV programmes. I even don’t mind adverts on a website. I do, however, mind adverts when they appear slap-bang in the middle of work I’m trying to do.

I opened iPhoto yesterday only to be confronted with:

If it was an update to my copy of iPhoto that can be downloaded and installed then that at least would be acceptable, but it’s not – it’s a new version that would set me back 50GBP. Sure, I do intend to buy it and soon, I just don’t want pop-ups like this trying to sell it to me.

Menu Calendar Clock

I registered this excellent little app after using it for less than a week – it just so happened that it was a busy week for me and the reminders and notes this app provided me with helped me to stay on track.

It has several features that I love, not least of all the fact I can have today’s date on my menu bar – I can’t believe this isn’t a standard OS X feature, although I’m assuming it’ll appear in Tiger. Also, a single click will drop down a calendar display of the current month along with any pending “to-do” items you’ve entered in iCal which is something I’ve been looking for.

I tried BurnoutMenu but it didn’t meet all my needs – it’s good but not what I need – and so have settled on MenuCalendarClock.