It’s not often I consider changing my system icons because I really like the standard Aqua style, but these drive icons are quite a nice alternative – different but still similar enough to fit in without me having to change the rest to match.

The set is called “iDrives” and they were made by the very talented Wolfgang Bartelme.

Waiting for the tiger

I find myself waiting for Apple’s next major OS X update like a child desperately trying to get to sleep so Christmas morning will arrive quicker. I often get mildly excited by new software, being the geek I am, but waiting for Tiger is affecting me in many ways.

First of all, I find myself holding back from buying apps and programs, which I’d normally splash out on without hesitation, incase they’re rendered obsolete by Tiger’s new features – things like iNexus’s dotMac Menu and the full version of either NetNewsWire or NewsFire.

Secondly, is offering a 35USD rebate for pre-orders – how come isn’t doing something similar? This annoys me.

And there have been so many blogs, news or rumour sites saying “It’s gonna be released tomorrow/yesterday/soon!” that I’m sick of waiting.

Maybe I’m just getting impatient in my old age.