My copy of Tiger finally arrived; one faultless “Archive and install” later and I’m swimming in it’s goodness.

Early highlights for me are a couple of the biggies: Dashboard, which I knew was gonna be fun, and Spotlight which is just so damn useful.

There are plenty of other sites/blogs going into detail about all the new features, so I’ll just leave it at that for now.

Use MSN, Yahoo! or ICQ in iChat 3

I’ve got quite a few contacts who I chat to via MSN and a few via iChat who are either using a Mac or are on AIM and I wanted to be able to use just one application to talk to any and all of them. The third incarnation of iChat will let you do that, albeit it with some tinkering – this is possible because it now supports Jabber.

First of all, I needed to get hold of a third-party Jabber client – Psi was recommended.

After downloading and installing Psi a Jabber account was needed so I picked a suitable server,, from the list – you can register a new account from within the application:

Then I needed to select “Service Discovery” from Psi’s General menu (which queries the server for a list of protocols) and then click “Browse” to view the list:

After finding the protocol I wanted in the list – in this case “MSN Transport” – Control+click on it and select “Register”. I entered and saved my MSN details and quit Psi.

Then I needed to open iChat, add my new Jabber account:

And I can now get hold of my MSN contacts using iChat. Super.

The information in this post was taken directly from a post on MACOSX•COM. I should also point out that the superb Adium X already lets you talk to your contact via many services including MSN, AIM and Yahoo!