I’ve just read about CoverFlow over on The Tao of Mac.

It allows you to browse your albums complete with beautiful artwork pulled from any sources it can find, whether that’s buried in your song tags, collected via Synergy, or looked up on Amazon.

So, if you’re running a Mac with OS X 10.4 (it’s Tiger only at the moment) then make sure you check it out.

“Minium” icon set

I’ve gone and changed my iMac’s icons again and this time I’ve used a really nice set named “Minium”.

There are quite a few icons in this set, not enough to change the entire system’s look but enough to make a significant change. Almost all of the folders are taken care of with only the new-in-Tiger burnable and smart folders missing.

I had used the “Smoothicons” set a while ago because it includes not only the Tiger-only folders mentioned above but a load of application icons too, such as Safari, iCal and CandyBar. While it is a nice set, I got bored of it and yearned for a more modern look.