Best Digital Camcorder

Getting the best digital camcorder for your needs can be tricky. You need to decide what you want to use the camera for before you go shopping. For the purpose of this discussion, I am going to separate camcorders into three separate categories: consumer camcorders, industrial camcorders, and professional camcorders. To help you make a … Read this review…

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PALIT Radeon HD 4870 512MB Sonic Dual Video Card

Introduction Having already taken a crowbar to prices like a spree-killing Yellow Man, the 4870’s refresh seems overdue. The card, stonkin’ as it is, has an annoying stock heatsink and a lot of untapped overclocking potential. There’s a short list of non-stock, factory-overclocked 4870s that need reviewing. First on my list is Palit’s Radeon HD … Read this review…

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A crip and his iPhone and How To Make Your Own Ringtones

I finally succumbed to temptation and bought myself an iPhone and it seems that all my worrying about my hands and not being able to use it properly was almost entirely unnecessary. I thought about it a lot beforehand and ended up trusting that I have a knack for developing little tricks and methods of … Read this review…

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The uncle and the chair

Well, thankfully out of the way and we can all get on with making a decent year. I only have one rule for everyone this year: no-one is allowed to die. Seriously. If anyone I care about dies during 2008 then I’ll fucking kill them. So, as regular readers will have probably noticed, I haven’t … Read this review…

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The jury is in

The weekend in Southampton was great and, as hoped, Tugger let me get my grubby fingers on his iPhone whenever I whined and pleaded. My thoughts? It’s fucking superb. I loved it. Every millimetre of its form made me want to have sex with it. Well, maybe not sex but at least a serious and … Read this review…

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I *really* want an iPhone

Before I bought my first iPod I’d nearly convinced myself that I didn’t want or need one based on the fact that it’d be an unnecessary luxury and besides, did I really need to be able to carry my music around with me? In the end I bought one and realised that even if I … Read this review…

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A kettle! A DVD! A CD!

Hi. My name’s Timmargh and I like to dress up as a gorilla and dig for worms in the garden whilst humming “My Baby Just Cares For Me” by Nina Simone. Actually, that’s a lie … my name’s Jeff. I bought a kettle! Not just just any old kettle but one that I can actually … Read this review…

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Winter blues

I don’t like cold weather. At all. Sure, it’s nice to look at: the clear skies, the frost on the glass, the children sliding to school … but that’s about it: it’s nice to look at! My iMac is back to normal now – Tugger popped over and fitted my new internal hard drive. We … Read this review…

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My new toy

I mentioned briefly in my previous entry that I’d ordered myself a MacBook. Well, it’s finally arrived (about a week and a half after ordering) and I’ve spent the last three or four days trying it out and generally having some geek fun. I went for the white, 2Ghz version and specified 2Gb of RAM … Read this review…

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Griffin AirClick USB

I got my AirClick the same time that I got my PowerMate but have only just remembered that I was going to write a bit about it. Better late than never, eh? It is quite simply the most useful thing I’ve bought for my iMac – sure I’ve got a few handy little gadgets, but … Read this review…

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