Like everyone else, I was getting pathetic speeds (120kbps) from my 2mbps ADSL connection over WiFi, so I tweaked my router a bit and I get around 1.6mbps consistently now.

Backup or write down your current settings first so you can revert back anytime. So, here’s what to change:

Channel ID: Channel 9 (2452 Mhz)

Beacon Interval: 50

RTS/CTS Threshold: 2305 (Also try 1500, 2305 works better for me though)

Fragmentation Threshold: 2304 (Also try 1024, 2304 works better for me though)


Protocol: 802.11 b (This is the most important bit. 802.11 b works better for iPhone, for some reason)

Reboot router and reconnect.

Note: The max data rate of 802.11b protocol is 11 Mbit/s, if your connection speed is less than or equal to that speed, you’re good, if its greater (which is highly unlikely, unless you’re in France, Japan, or Singapore etc..), then your speed will be capped at 11 Mbit/s. My connection is 2mbps, so its not a problem for me.

Hope it helps! Let me know in the comments how it worked for you.