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Ebook Store

If you are interested in learning about Ebooks and how they are written and sold, I recommend you visit an E Book store. Easy to find via an Internet search engine, Ebook stores are an excellent place to get writing tips as well as marketing and promotion ideas. As someone well-versed in the Ebook writing … Read this review…

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How to Make a Digital Camera Comparison without Confusion

Digital camera comparison can be tricky. Each camera has its own feature set and each manufacturer adds a different set of bells and whistles to their line of cameras. I recommend that you not give your attention to all the hype. Instead, use the criteria for buying a digital camera to make a comparison. Then … Read this review…

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Digital Camera Batteries, Digital Camera Cases and Memory

Digital camera accessories come with your camera and can be purchased as separate upgrades. Here is some important information on three basic digital camera accessories you don’t want to be without. Digital Camera Batteries The most common accessories are batteries and your camera will probably have batteries included. Most often these are AA batteries. Digital … Read this review…

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My new toy

I mentioned briefly in my previous entry that I’d ordered myself a MacBook. Well, it’s finally arrived (about a week and a half after ordering) and I’ve spent the last three or four days trying it out and generally having some geek fun. I went for the white, 2Ghz version and specified 2Gb of RAM … Read this review…

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Griffin AirClick USB

I got my AirClick the same time that I got my PowerMate but have only just remembered that I was going to write a bit about it. Better late than never, eh? It is quite simply the most useful thing I’ve bought for my iMac – sure I’ve got a few handy little gadgets, but … Read this review…

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Apple’s new goodies

You or may not know that yesterday Apple announced some new gadgets for geeks like me to lust over and fritter all our cash on. Probably the biggest news was Apple’s foray into the mobile phone market: the iPhone. “What’s so special about a mobile phone?” you may ask. Well, nothing really, except Apple fans … Read this review…

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Griffin PowerMate

When N told me that she couldn’t think of a suitable present for my birthday, she suggested I buy something myself and she’d give me the money to pay for it, so I ordered a Griffin PowerMate. I read about the PowerMate back when I ordered my iMac some 17 months ago – I’d considered … Read this review…

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What to buy, what to buy

Whilst I was laid up in hospital, being waited on hand and foot by many lovely nurses (it’s a hard life …), I realised how much I missed being able to tinker with my computer. This came as no shock to me as someone who, given the chance, would spend far more time than is … Read this review…

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A new pair of cans

Very soon after getting my iPod it became painfully obvious that, whilst the Apple-supplied earphones sounded good, they were bloody uncomfortable and had a habit of falling out of my ear now and then. I put up with it for a couple of months but in the end it became far too annoying to continue … Read this review…

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iPod nano

After loads of rumours and speculation about a video iPod, Apple have released a new version of their ubiquitous MP3 player: the iPod nano. It’s as thin as a pencil, weighs a mere 42 grammes, boasts 14 hours of battery life and with enough space to store a thousand songs or 25 thousand photos, it’s … Read this review…

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