This is another excellent application from Panic.

Your digital life has a lot of statistics: incoming mail, appointments, disk space.

Stattoo “tattoos” stats right on your desktop picture: out of the way, but always handy!

You drag “capsules” of information onto a dock of sorts, in any order you like. This dock can be dragged up or down the screen to where ever you like and the capsules can be centred or left or right aligned.

The information on offer includes:


The current world time at a glance.

Disk Usage

How much space is left on any of your drives.


The next three events in any or all of your calendars.


Early warning if you’re running out of juice.


Too lazy to stick your head of the window?

Playing Song

Can’t remember the name of the track playing in iTunes?


Tells you if the mail that’s just landed is from someone important.


Everyone forgets the date at one time or another …

A lot of this information can be shown elsewhere, e.g. the date and time is most likely already in your menu bar and laptop users will probably have a battery meter somewhere, but you could free up some space in your menu bar if need be.

For me at least, the iCal and disk space modules are very useful: I have a terrible track record when it comes to remembering appointments and such and I already use the iCal Events widget on my Dashboard, but having it on my desktop is better because I don’t have to do something specific to see it, e.g. invoke Dashboard – whenever I close or minimise an app window and see my desktop, it’s there as a reminder. That may seem like a pretty lame reason to use it, but I am really forgetful sometimes and I need all the help I can get!

The disk space info is also useful for me because I’m always filling up my iDisk – I hate it when I drag ten or so items into my iDisk only to be told five minutes later, mid-way through uploading the files, that I’ve run out of space and have go in and remove some other files.

In my desktop screenshot, above, you’ll notice the wallpaper is quite dark – if you happen to have a light(er) wallpaper, you can alter the colour of the text and the transparency of the capsules to suit your set-up.

All-in-all this is a great looking and useful little app, plus it’s a bargain at 12.95USD (~7.53GBP).