I’m still loving the MacBook and have set about having fun with Proxi, as you can see from the previous entry, but I have come across something slightly annoying.

One of the triggers available for Proxi to act on is the Apple Remote although, as those of you with one may know, modern Macs can be put to sleep simply by holding down the play/pause button for 5 seconds. Unfortunately, the positioning of my over-the-bed table that my MacBook sits on when I’m in bed means that the pulsing light that signifies sleep is pointing straight at my face.

“So,” I thought to myself, “all I need to do is set Proxi to shut my MacBook down via my Apple Remote.” (When I’m watching something in bed I’m usually reclined somewhat and am too comfy to want to sit myself up to shut down the normal way.)

I fired up Proxi, dragged the Apple Remote trigger into the Triggers column and set it to fire when the “-” button is held down for 4 seconds — this is doubly useful as it also mutes the MacBook so I don’t get the start-up chime next time I turn it on (it makes me jump sometimes …). The I added an AppleScript task and inserted:

tell application "system events" to shut down

I tested it and everything went as hoped … apart from the fact that now my MacBook doesn’t respond to any button presses on my Apple Remote apart from the one I’ve just set up in Proxi. Eh?

And that’s it. I’ve tried to fix it but nothing works — the only way to get normal functionality from my Apple Remote is to disable the Proxi trigger.

I can find nothing on the ‘net to help me and Griffin Technology’s own site has nothing to offer, either.