StarryHope’s excellent KeyFixer for Firefox 2 (and here’s a patch for Firefox 3) fixes your Home/End keys.

However, to make your text navigation more “Windows” like, you might want to also change your default modifier keys (Alt) for Move/Select a Word Left/Right to ‘Ctrl‘.

Here’s how to do it:

1. Get the KeyFixer.

2. Load the dmg and save “keyfixer_firefox” to Desktop.

3. Right-Click “keyfixer_firefox” (on your desktop) and choose “Show Package Contents”.

4. Naviagate to Content > Resources.

5. Replace platformHTMLBindings.xml with this one.


Home/End KeyFixer for Firefox 3

Here’s how to patch Firefox 3 to make the “home” and “end” keys work like they work in other OS.

1. Close Firefox (If open).

2. Browse to Applications > Firefox

3. Right Click > Show Package Contents

4. Browse to Contents > MacOS > Chrome

5. Rename/Remove toolkit.jar and replace it with this (toolkit.jar) one.