There I am, minding my own business viewing the sights around the world as listed on Google Sightseeing and I begin to get annoyed as my shiny new Mighty Mouse seems to be malfunctioning.

And then a pattern begins to emerge …

It seems that I can happily scroll up and down to my heart’s content, but should a Google supplied advert happen to pass under my mouse pointer whilst scrolling down the page then the scrolling stops … the bastards! It seems to only happen when scrolling down the page – scrolling back up works but you can’t carry on downwards until you mouse your pointer from over the ad.

I don’t know whether this is Google’s doing or that of the people who created/maintain Google Sightseeing – it doesn’t happen on this site (I bet you hadn’t noticed the appearance of adverts below the list of links on the right, did you?).

I’d be interested to know if anyone else has come across this?

“You might feel a bit of a prick … “

No change there then!

Seriously, though, I had my first flu jab yesterday – I’ve never bothered before because my immune system is fairly robust and I usually manage to avoid catching colds when they’re doing the rounds in the family, but with all the drugs I’m taking at the moment I thought it was better to be safe than sorry. I did catch flu good and proper about 12 years ago and it laid me out flat in bed for two weeks along with very weird and vivd dreams of flying about on a huge bronze dragon dragon named Mnementh – fans of Anne McCaffrey may recognise that name.

On a different note, I spent most of yesterday trying to get my D-Link DSL-300T ADSL modem and my AirPort Express to play nice together so I could stick them both over in the far corner of my room to free up some desk space. I eventually got them to work after trawling several forums and reading other people’s descriptions of how they did it. All’s hunkydory now and I’m surfing wire-free.