I’ve mentioned my new bed on more than one occasion on here (what do you mean I haven’t shut up about it?) so I thought it was time to take a few pictures to show you its loveliness. Unfortunately, because of its size and where it is in my room (i.e. the middle) I couldn’t get back far enough to get it all in one frame, and my attempts at a panoramic shot failed miserably. So, what’s a man to do? Why, of course: video it!

Please excuse the quality of the video (my little Canon Ixus i only films at 320×240) and there’s no sound. I’ve saved in it QuickTime format using the H.264 codec and it’s about 2 megabytes in size:

You need to download QuickTime to view it if you haven’t already got it installed or, if you’d rather not do that, I have saved an MPEG version.

I am a happy geek

The other day I installed the Mac OS X 10.4.6 update and, as usual, didn’t pay a blind bit of notice to what it was actually fixing or updating, so it wasn’t until I saw a picture on Flickr that I realised that they’d added a load more phones to iSync support list, including my Nokia 6021:

I got the Nokia last year because it was one of the few phones around that didn’t take pictures or play music and, more importantly, it was free. What it does do, i.e. make and receive calls and messages, it’s very good at and it’s a lot better to use with Salling Clicker than my SonyEricsson Z600 was – with the Z600 you had to make the computer » phone connection from the computer so if they got disconnected you had to go back to the computer, which kind of defeated the object; with the 6021, however, you can make the connection from the phone.