The weekend in Southampton was great and, as hoped, Tugger let me get my grubby fingers on his iPhone whenever I whined and pleaded.

My thoughts? It’s fucking superb. I loved it. Every millimetre of its form made me want to have sex with it. Well, maybe not sex but at least a serious and lasting relationship.

As those of you who have had the chance to toy with one have no doubt found, it’s easy to use and fairly intuitive, although I’m pretty tech-savvy and can usually figure out menus and settings on most devices quickly and as such I couldn’t really tell if the iPhone really is that easy to use or if it was just my ninja-like skillz.

On the spaz-hands front I found I could use it easily if I was parked near a table or could hold the phone on my lap, but in other situations, such as lying on my back in bed or being thrown around in the back of my car (whilst Tugger was “observing” the speed limit), it proved nigh-on impossible to use reliably — in both these situations the “one hand to hold the phone, one hand to support the other” technique is the only one I can use to text, dial or whatever. Added to that I also found it slightly harder than I’d hoped to hold it up to my ear. Darn.

So, after weighing up the pros and cons I’m afraid the final decision is a slightly disappointing but kind-of-knew-it-was-coming “No” — I won’t be buying an iPhone.

After more thoughts about how nice the interface was and how great it was at showing off photos (something I do a lot) I came to the conclusion that I should go ahead and get myself a new phone (I’ve gone with the Nokia 6500 Classic as I can’t wait any longer for the repeatedly delayed SonyEricsson T650i) and treat myself to an iPod Touch sometime in the new year — that way I almost get the best of both worlds: a phone I can use easily and a shiny toy to play with and “wow” my friends with.

And what was Tugger’s reward for being so generous with his iPhone? Well, he got to do this. Bastard.