Digital camera accessories come with your camera and can be purchased as separate upgrades. Here is some important information on three basic digital camera accessories you don’t want to be without.

Digital Camera Batteries

The most common accessories are batteries and your camera will probably have batteries included. Most often these are AA batteries. Digital cameras, unfortunately are battery hogs. They can eat up a standard AA battery in just a few minutes. The LCD screen and the flash on your camera both use a lot of battery power. So, you will want to invest in some rechargeable batteries. Be sure to have more than one set of batteries, so when the batteries die at a crucial moment you can just pop in a spare set while the dead ones are recharging.

One of the digital camera accessories that can provide the most frustration for digital camera users is the batteries. Unfortunately digital cameras can take a great deal of battery power. Therefore it is not uncommon for batteries will last for only a few minutes. The solution is to use what are called nickel metal hydride batteries. These batteries are heavy duty engine rechargeable they are designed to be used in electronic items like digital cameras that take a lot of power. However you will find that your camera when you buy likely does not come with these batteries. This is one of those digital camera accessories that you will have to purchase separately. Usually you can save yourself some money by simply buying it off brand of these nickel metal hydride batteries and also buying a battery charger with. Some cameras take only two batteries but many cameras will leave for batteries. I would recommend that you buy enough to have at least two spare sets. That way you have one said the camera a second spare
set to put in the can the first Windows band and yet one more set in case you are unable to get your batteries recharged right away. Keep in mind that you should never tried to recharge a non rechargeable battery. It is possible that these kinds of batteries will explode when you attempt to recharge them.

Your camera should also be equipped with an adapter that will allow you to plug your camera into a regular household electric outlet. This is very handy, especially when you are downloading pictures to your computer. If the batteries die during a download, you will probably have to restart the download again from the beginning. It is easier just to plug the camera in while you are downloading.

Digital Camera Cases

Your camera may come with a carrying case. This case is important to use as it will protect your camera from damage. A variety of digital camera cases are available for purchase from the simple to elaborate. A simple carry case will be just about the same size as your camera and will allow probably have a carry strap. You can also purchase a very elaborate gadget bag if you have a professional digital camera with many accessories. Make sure you always keep your digital camera in its case when it is not in use. This will protect it from dust, heat, cold, water and small shocks from bumping and so on. Your camera and its lens is very sensitive to the elements. A digital camera case is a small investment in digital camera accessories that will protect your camera.

Digital Camera Memory

Your camera will come equipped with some kind of memory card. The most popular type of memory for digital cameras is a smart media card or a Compact Flash card. These cards are very similar to a floppy disk, only smaller. Your images are stored on this card. The images can be downloaded from your camera to your computer or you can remove this smart media card and place it in a separate card reader that is hooked to your computer.

These cards are easily damaged, so treat them gently. Be sure you never touch the electrical contacts on the card. If you do, any data will likely be lost and the card will no longer work.

Unfortunately, most new cameras come equipped with a small card. These digital camera accessories are something you will want to purchase separately to make your digital camera experience more enjoyable.

Each smart media card is sized in megabytes (mb). Your camera will most likely come with something like a 16 mb card. This card will hold a few pictures but not very many. If you are planning to shoot photos at the full resolution of your camera, you may find that only one photograph of that size will fit on the card. So, you will need to buy a larger card. My advice is to get the largest card that you think you will ever need. These cards can be rather expensive, but the price per mb drops the larger the card you purchase. A 64 mb card or 128 mb card is good. If you plan to take lots of high resolution photos, you should consider a 256 mb card.

Digital camera accessories are an important part of your camera purchase. The right digital camera accessories will make your new camera an enjoyable experience.