Ebook Store

If you are interested in learning about Ebooks and how they are written and sold, I recommend you visit an E Book store. Easy to find via an Internet search engine, Ebook stores are an excellent place to get writing tips as well as marketing and promotion ideas. As someone well-versed in the Ebook writing … Read this review…

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Are Internet Marketing Ebooks a Scam?

There are thousands of ebooks on the internet today that claim you can make a fortune on the internet via email marketing software. I have spent thousands of dollars and hundreds of painstaking hours trying to be successful with making money onling. After months of research and and buying ebook after ebook I have come … Read this review…

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How to Make a Digital Camera Comparison without Confusion

Digital camera comparison can be tricky. Each camera has its own feature set and each manufacturer adds a different set of bells and whistles to their line of cameras. I recommend that you not give your attention to all the hype. Instead, use the criteria for buying a digital camera to make a comparison. Then … Read this review…

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Digital Camera Batteries, Digital Camera Cases and Memory

Digital camera accessories come with your camera and can be purchased as separate upgrades. Here is some important information on three basic digital camera accessories you don’t want to be without. Digital Camera Batteries The most common accessories are batteries and your camera will probably have batteries included. Most often these are AA batteries. Digital … Read this review…

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Digital Photo Software

A wide variety of digital photo software is available. Some of it can be very inexpensive and easy to use. Other digital photo software can be both complicated and expensive. Personally, I have used PaintShop Pro, Adobe Photo Shop Elements, and Adobe Photo Shop. Each of these programs has pros and cons. If you want … Read this review…

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While developing a web application, when your software grows up, you have to resist the temptation to fill it with useless features. Otherwise you will obtain an indescribable, indestructible, @32-Bit Software!

As things progress, don’t be afraid to resist bloat. The temptation will be to scale up. But it doesn’t have to be that way. Just because something gets older and more mature, doesn’t mean it needs to get more complicated.

That’s what we are trying to achieve all along the development process of our new web application - mass email software. We are trying to keep it simple! Can you suggest any example of application which didn’t resist the temptation to become a Email Monster?


Digital Photography Basics to Dramatically Improve Your Photos

Digital photography is really very similar to traditional photography with film. I would offer the following tips to help you get the best photographs possible: Get to Know Your Camera One of the best things you can do with your new camera is simply to try it out. Use the different functions and see how … Read this review…

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Sharing Photos Online and Offline

Sharing photos taken with your digital camera with family and friends can be fun. Try some of the following ways: Website Your internet service provider has probably given you some space for a few web pages free as part of your service. You could share photos by putting up your own web page and sending … Read this review…

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Photo Printers. Make Your Own Prints from Digital Photographs!

Photo printers are great to have. They can be your very own digital darkroom. Glossy photo paper can allow you to make very nice looking prints from your digital photos. You can put the sheets of paper into your ink jet printer and then print out the photograph and they look very similar to regular … Read this review…

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How to Convert Prints Into Digital Photos

Digital photos from your digital camera are easy. But what about those old photos taken before digital cameras were invented? Flatbed Scanners It may be that you have a lot of old photos that were taken before digital cameras were even invented. If so it is still possible to make these prints into digital photos … Read this review…

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Guide to buying digital camcorder

Digital camcorders are becoming the standard for home video. They are easy to use and allow for easy video editing on the desktop. You can also send video to friends and family across the internet. These cameras have the same kinds of functionality that the older, larger, clunkier cameras have, including being able to hook … Read this review…

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