Sharing photos taken with your digital camera with family and friends can be fun. Try some of the following ways:


Your internet service provider has probably given you some space for a few web pages free as part of your service. You could share photos by putting up your own web page and sending your web page address to friends and family. If you do this, you may want put links on your web pages, so that people can then click on and view the photos. If you put the photos directly on the pages, they may be very slow to load. If you have some web page software, you may be able to create what are called thumbnails. Thumbnails are small size copies of your photos. When someone wants to see the larger image of a thumbnail, they can click on that thumbnail and the larger photography will be displayed. Photo services are also available that will help you with sharing photos.

Photo Album Software

Software is available that will allow you to create a digital photo album that can be burned onto a cd and shown on a computer screen. Then you can be sharing photos by distributing cd’s.

You can also find places on the internet that allow you to set up an electronic photo album that can only be accessed by a password. You can give the web address and password to friends and family with whom you want to be sharing photos. This allows even those who have slow internet connections and cannot download attached photos to view your pictures.


Sometimes you just want to have a print of a photograph. Whether you want to share the photo with a technophobic friend or relative, want to frame it and display it, or just like the idea of having the photograph in your hand, you can get that digital photo printed. One of the easiest ways is to use an online print service. With these companies, you can send your digital file to them and they will make a print and mail it to you. This way, you don’t have to leave your home to get the prints you want. You can also burn your photo onto a cd or save it on a disk and take the cd or disk to your local film processor. Many of these businesses now offer to make prints from your digital photographs and at prices close to or the same as they charge for making regular prints.