Included with Leopard, the latest version of Mac OS X, are several new screen savers, one of which is a new effect for the standard “display your photos” screen saver. The previous version only had (as far as I remember) the standard ‘slideshow’ with gentle zooming and panning effects — the new version includes two more options: ‘collage’ which shows your photos as if they were being dropped one-by-one onto a table top; and ‘mosaic’ which shows one photo and slowly zooms outwards revealing other photos which eventually combine to create another photo, which then slowly zooms outwards revealing others photos … ad infinitum.

It’s this ‘mosaic’ option I particularly like so I tried to capture a movie of it — it’s not perfect because Automator (which I used to take screen shots) could only capture an image every one or two seconds and kept crashing on the 274th capture every single time, so this movie is the product of two capture sessions combined to give it more than a few seconds worth of viewing. It’s a bit jerky and is much faster compared to the actual screen saver and as such the mosaic-to-photo fade is somewhat less smooth. Anyway, see what you think.

What’s going to happen

I’ve finally decided what to do with this place! I’m moving it, contents and all, to my MobileMe space and keeping it as an archive (the URLs/addresses are gonna get messed up in that the directory structure will stay the same, but the page extensions will have to be changed). The domain name ‘’ will stop working sometime next year.

I’ll carry on posting at Timmblr (my Tumblelog for photos, videos etc.), Timmargh[dot]net (for Mac stuff) and Fresh Mud (for disability related posts).

The main reason for all this upheaval is simply wanting to avoid the need for work on the upkeep of the site — I enjoyed redesigning and creating stuff in the past, but as my motivation for it wanes it becomes a bit of a bind.