After loads of rumours and speculation about a video iPod, Apple have released a new version of their ubiquitous MP3 player: the iPod nano.

It’s as thin as a pencil, weighs a mere 42 grammes, boasts 14 hours of battery life and with enough space to store a thousand songs or 25 thousand photos, it’s a nice piece of kit. It’s a very nice piece of kit and I’d quite like one. Please?

I like my stuff to be as small as possible and the only reason why I went for a standard iPod over the iPod mini when I bought mine was the difference in price-to-capacity ratio between the two: the iPod mini worked out at ~34GBP per gigabyte whereas the standard iPod (when I bought it) was 11GBP per gigabyte.

I know the iPod nano works out at ~45GBP per gigabyte, but the sheer tinyness of it wins it major points in my mind; plus it has nearly twice as much battery life as mine and has a colour screen, too. I couldn’t have been without mine these nine or so months since I bought it but I really like the new one. I may just sell mine and buy one.

Apple also released the so-called iTunes phone [note: the link is currently unavailable], officially known as the Motorola ROKR E1. Whilst I like my gadgetry to be small, I also like each unit to be separate, i.e. a phone is a phone and an MP3 player is an MP3 player.

Software for iPod nano: DVD to iPad converter. They’ve also updated the excellent iTunes, too.